Artist: Kimberly Crowninshield

Life does not follow a linear path. Years ago, after losing several members of my family, I decided to follow my bliss and start focusing more on what makes me happy in life. I have always had a deep passion for gardening so it felt natural to start keeping bees. I then began writing a children’s book about our environment and what we can all do to help; starting with our own yards and the green spaces around our towns and cities. I returned to the photography that I loved in my youth to use as the medium for the art in my book because I, myself only having vision in one eye, have been looking at the world through a single lens my entire life.

My work is a reflection of my love for the natural world that surrounds us everyday. We are immersed in the most beautiful creations of nature from the moment we walk out our front doors, and yet most of us are oblivious to their presence. Clinging to walls, covering branches, growing from stumps, these are the places that true beauty hides in plain sight and my artistic mission is to shine a light on that beauty. Mushrooms, lichen, moss, plants, even the majesty of nature on a larger scale are my subjects. It is my joy to share them with you and my hope that by sharing you will leave with a better appreciation, and greater love, for the natural world.